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June 2015


Black Sesame Ice Cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream @ HeySesame.comBlack Sesame Ice Cream @ Today, I did the unthinkable.  I had 2 sesame ice creams in one day.  First, McDonald's black sesame swirl softserve in the subway station as a snack.  Then at night, this "black sesame volcano" that was calling to me throughout dinner.  Not sure what the world is coming to, but I am one happy (...)

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Food, Lifestyle

Little Bear Latte

Little Bear Latte @ - Taro Latte and Creampuff Little Bear Latte @ - Taro Latte and Creampuff Ever wonder what it feels like to kiss the Charmin bear?  Welcome to Cafe Maji, located right above a gym as to encourage you to work out prior to eating, or guilt you into working out afterwards!  I selected the Hazelnut latte and my friend Natalie (...)

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Decor, Lifestyle

View From a Chaise Lounge

View from a Chaise Lounge @ - Tufted Chaise It's amazing how much you can do in a little corner with a view.  For my bedroom, a tufted chaise lounge was my seating of choice for comfortable hours of reading.  A glass of wine never hurts either, especially in one of my favorite mirrored trays.  Trays are super functional (especially for my cookie crumbs...)  And of course, every chaise needs a huggable pillow. (...)

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