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October 2015


Daily Life / Top 6 Beauty Essentials

Top 6 Year Round Beauty Essentials @ Here are 6 of my favorite beauty staples that I keep going back to year round!  No matter the weather, these babies have stuck by me through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Together, they keep my eyes, lips, face, hair, skin and pearly whites in tip top shape.  Sometimes, they're the stuff you instantly spray or rub on for beauty emergencies, other times they're little slices of (...)

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Boiling Point / Hottest of Hot Pots

Boiling Point Hot Pot in Pasadena @ - Taiwanese Hot Pot I never really knew hot pot until I experienced Boiling Point.  This Taiwanese hot pot chain is mind-blowingly delicious and lives up to all the hype.  While I like sharing, let's not kid around - having the choice of my very own personal hot pot customized to my liking is pretty amazing.  As such, I was pretty excited to check out their newest (...)

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