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I recently discovered my favorite steakhouse had opened its first location in Southern California: Alexander’s Steakhouse, in Pasadena! They are known for their Japanese fusion. Yes, you heard right – a Japanese fusion steakhouse. I ended up checking it out one night with a friend, and then a week later, I found myself back there again for my birthday because it was just THAT good.

Himachi Shots 3.0-3
We started my birthday meal with the highly recommended Hamachi Shooters. On the menu, these were listed as 3.0. So I asked our server why. Apparently, each location does a different take on the Hamachi Shooters and they each get their own name. I loved the 3.0 but knowing they’re out there, now I feel the need to try to the 2.0 and the 1.0…

Himachi Shots other angle-2
The Hamachi was very fresh and the ponzu paired perfectly, giving the fish a tart, refreshing flavor. The sprinkles of arare (crispy rice crackers) were my favorite part; a satisfying crunch to every bite! Next, we were presented with the Amuse Bouche in the shape of a cube. It was a hash brown! All I can say is “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not at McDonald’s anymore…”

Hash brown amuse bouche-3
We shared a couple more starters: the Chilled Foie Gras and the Iceberg Salad. I have to say that the Chilled Foie Gras, while gorgeous in presentation, had too many flavors going on that masked the foie. The Iceberg Salad was surprisingly delightful though, with 腊肠 (Chinese Sausage) instead of bacon bits. Yep, my first iceberg with Chinese sausage. And that is how you fusion.

Chilled foie gras-4
Iceberg salad-2
Now before you read my next sentence, I should repeat again that this is my favorite steakhouse and the steak (which I promise I will get to soon) is amazing. However, my favorite part of the meal was the COMPLIMENTARY BREAD AND BUTTERS. Never mind that Amy reminds me I had “bread” listed as one of my favorite pastimes on my Facebook profile. I was still blown away by the bread quality and the butter selection. There were three kinds of butter: rendered beef fat butter, salted butter, and last but not least, honey butter sitting in a bone marrow.

Now, let’s get on to the “meat” of the story… we decided on the 20 oz Ribeye Chop as well as a 3 oz tasting of the Miyazaki Wagyu. Both were delicious and fatty, but if you ever go, I recommend eating the Wagyu LAST as nothing will taste as good after that! The Wagyu is truly delectable with that melt-in-your-mouth texture. The meats came with a selection of 6 salts, all fun to try.

Ribeye Chop 20oz-2Close up of Miyazaki Wagyu-2Salts for pairing-2
We ended the meal with some complimentary petit fours AND cotton candy, my childhood favorite. An appropriate way to end my birthday feast!

Cotton candy-3

Alexander’s Steakhouse / Pasadena, CA

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    Your blog is so adorbs! Btw – Japanese fusion steakhouse?! I’m so there.

  • Reply Ted June 2, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

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