Blush Hydrangeas on a Side Table

Blush Pink Hydrangeas @ - Mirror Tray on Side Table
Welcome to Part Deux of yesterday’s Blush Bouquet Part I: Mirrored Vanity + Pink Roses!  After I cut all my roses for my vanity, I took the two remaining stems of hydrangeas and tied them together with a rubber band.  I put them in a 5-inch tall IKEA Rektangel Vase.  Each stem was in a half-moon shape, so I bunched them together to create a full round ball.  As you can see, the petals on each stem were slightly different in color as well.  So not only did bunching them together create the illusion of one full bulbous head, it also resulted in a beautiful gradient effect!

Blush Pink Hydrangeas @ - Mirror Tray on Side Table
If you follow our Instagram and our blog posts, you’ve probably met my mirror tray.  I can’t help it, because they are just so versatile and add an instant touch of modern glam to any room.  From carrying my cookie crumbs by my lounge chair in my bedroom, to my husband’s whiskey set in the living room, there’s really nothing you can’t use them for.  In fact, I have two that shuttle around the house constantly.  Here are my favorite ones: the Horchow Regina-Andrew Design Large Mirrored Tray and West Elm Mirror Trays in 3 sizes.

Blush Pink Hydrangeas @ - Mirror Tray on Side Table
Besides useful trays, I also love handy side tables.  I’ve always been a fan of Art Deco style gold table legs, so I had this one custom-made in Shanghai.  But fear not if you’re trying to find one for yourself.  I saw this one on that I love: Alverne Hexagonal Chrome Accent Table and on, Safavieh Treasures Riona Gold Accent Table.  Like trays, side tables are light enough for me to move around myself as I need.  When entertaining, I like to place a table with a tray of drinks near the area where most guests congregate.  And there’s always more than enough room on the table for a simple flower arrangement like this!

Blush Pink Hydrangeas @ - Mirror Tray on Side Table
Hope you enjoyed Part II of my Blush Bouquet inspiration.  The next time you’re at the flower shop picking out flowers, let your creativity be your guide!  One bouquet can go a long way.

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    Gorgeous flower! Very creative.

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