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Farmhouse Juice in China @ - Detox Juice Cleanse
After a crazy week of non-stop gluttony, I needed a little detox love in my life.

Before I moved to China, I was worried about giving up my favorite cold-pressed juices in San Francisco.  Cold-pressing essentially utilizes a masticating juicer that uses pressure to push out the juices as opposed to a superfast centrifugal juicer which churns up a lot of heat that kills the vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes.  Thankfully, there are a few cold-pressed juice shops here in Shanghai.  While it’s obvious to you by now that I love to eat, that I eat a lot and very often, sadly I’m only human.  With all the endless, delicious food in Shanghai, my digestive system can only take so much at a time.  So I started researching juiceries similar to the ones that I integrated into my lifestyle back home, ie. Pressed Juicery.

After my search, Farmhouse Juice was not only the most similar to my favorites back home, but it also had the most informative and clearcut website.  What’s more, I ordered in the morning and they delivered in the afternoon, though they did recommend ordering the day before.  There’s a long and useful FAQ on their website about the cold-press process, whether ingredients are really 100% “organic,” why they use plastic bottles vs. glass, and more.  I also like how they say they wash every piece of vegetable and fruit, which is important because it’s all raw.  However thoroughly they actually end up washing everything, it makes me feel a little better that they took the time to mention it.

Farmhouse Juice in China @ - Detox Juice Cleanse
I ordered the 1-day beginner cleanse with 6 different juices (230 RMB + 30 RMB shipping) plus 2 more individual ones to try. My juices arrived on my doorstep in an urban, artistically-designed box with an ice pack inside.  Besides the 6 juices, I also added an Iron Lungs juice, since the combination just sounded too tempting: Pineapple, Carrot, Celery, Cilantro, and Ginger. I normally don’t eat pineapples unless it’s in a Piña Colada, so this was a good way for me to get my Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple cores that reduces muscle swelling and improves digestion.  I highly recommend the Iron Lungs, very yummy. My other favorites were the Green Elixir which tastes chock full of fresh greens, and the Horchata which tastes just like a regular Horchata and maybe even better because it’s less sweet.  Making my own nut milk used to be tedious for me (horrible flashback to myself wringing pulverized nuts inside a cheesecloth over a bowl, shudder), so until I have more time to kill, it’s worth just letting the experts handle it.

Farmhouse Juice in China @ - Detox Juice Cleanse
Because I followed Farmhouse Juice on WeChat, I also got a promo code for a FREE bottle of their newest Sports Drink: Watermelon, Coconut water, Alkaline water, Coconut nectar, Lemon, and Himalayan pink salt.  For those like me who can’t stand the taste of artificial sports drinks like Gatorade, this W4 is a natural-tasting electrolyte alternative.  Not to mention the punchy pink color that just cheers me up instantly!

Farmhouse Juice in China @ - Detox Juice Cleanse
If you’re new to juicing, be sure to read the email they send with instructions.  I’ll just say a few things here:  1) This is not a lose-weight-fast trick; it’s a detoxifying process that helps your mind and body with the daily stresses of toxins and pollution, and it will encourage you to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  2) Don’t pick the date of your big work presentation or 5-hour hike to start a cleanse.  3) Start with the 1-day cleanse and see what you’re ready for next time. Farmhouse Juice actually has a 21-day cleanse challenge…  4) Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and  5) Stay close to the restroom.  Just trust me on that last one.  Happy juicing!

FARMHOUSE JUICE /  Quyang Lu, Shanghai /

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  • Reply UPSET coustomer September 29, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    VERY POOR SERVICE! Delivery was often late and on the last delivery owner forgot to make the delivery and only did so until I contacted him on wechat. He then lied to cover his mistake. After the delivery which was about an hour late and nearly in the afternoon instead of the morning he immediately deleted me and I was unable to let him know that he shorted the delivery and not all my juices were there! SIMPLY DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE/PRODUCT

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