Pink Roses on a Mirrored Vanity

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @ HeySesame.comPink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
Last week, I had a lovely brunch in the French Concession and was in such a good mood I wanted to pick up some fresh florals before heading home.  I ended up bringing back a darling bouquet of pink and peach-ivory roses, along with some gorgeous blush hydrangeas.  The flower lady and I had so much fun putting together the bouquet that she threw in a complimentary white Chrysanthemum pom-pom flower.  So sweet!

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
While one’s first instinct might be to just put the whole bouquet into a vase and call it a day, I had a more creative plan for my blooms.  Here are some ideas on separating your bouquet and utilizing different flowers for multiple parts of your home.  In this post, I’ll show you how plucking out just a few flowers from your bouquet can create a perfect little arrangement for your vanity table, office desk, or any side table.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
I’m a fan of simple, heavy-duty pieces, like cubic glass vases.  Any style of flower would look instantly modern in them. The one I used here is about 5 x 5 inches, from IKEA; here’s a similar IKEA Kanist Vase.  Fill the water half-way, no need to put it in danger of spilling.  Snip the roses so that the stems criss-cross each other and the buds lie comfortably against the top of the glass.  I also borrowed a few leaves from my hydrangeas (they’re bigger than rose leaves), and stuck them in one corner for some asymmetrical flair.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
The trick to arranging different colored roses is to create one focal point for the eye.  Rather than alternating pink – white – pink – white (which tends to create a busy polka-dot or striped effect where your eye doesn’t know where to look), bunch the majority pink color together and strategically place the single white ones in one area, not in the center.  This creates visual interest because it’s less predictable.  Less symmetry, more style.  Make sure you have enough flowers to overflow past the rim, for a luxurious plush effect.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
Our bedroom has an Old Hollywood style to it, which is why I decided on a mirrored vanity table reminiscent of the iconic Hollywood Regency style.  Mine is similar to the Hayworth Vanity from Pier 1 Imports and SEI Mirage Console Table.  No mirrored vanity is complete without a tufted chair, so I picked out some champagne-colored velvet and had a bench custom-made to fit right between the table legs.  And surprise!  This bench opens up to full storage space, where I conveniently store all my beauty supplies to keep my table nice and clear for flowers and other pretty things.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
Because my vanity table is already silver-toned, I stuck to gold table accessories for contrast, such as my lamp and candle holder.  The candle is from Zara Home, whose home decor accessories I am obsessed with.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
A few of my favorite beauty products, which I’ll be posting soon…

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
I just noticed that I haven’t hung up our oil painting of The Bund in Old Shanghai.  I think it’s because I kind of like it propped up on the floor by my vanity.  It’s similar to how I always have a throw randomly strewn across our lounge chair.  It gives an otherwise neat room some rebellious, lived-in style.  Ellen also talks about her preference to prop paintings up vs. hanging them up, to create an unfinished, urban vibe to her loft, in her post Chair + Painting.

Pink Roses On A Mirrored Vanity @
Hope this inspired some ideas for your future bouquets!  Stay tuned for what I did with my hydrangeas in tomorrow’s Blush Bouquet Part II.

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    So glam! What a beautiful vanity table you have…

    • Reply Amy @ Heysesame September 13, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      Thank you Mischa! The great thing about a table like this is that it accessorizes itself!

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