Tsukemen Dipped Ramen / Tsujita LA

Tsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @ HeySesame.comTsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @
When I was in LA this month, Ellen took me to my first tsukemen experience.  Tsukemen is a style of ramen where dry noodles come in a separate bowl and are dipped into the broth.  The purpose of dipping is so the broth doesn’t overpower the taste of the yummy noodles.  The pork bone broth is slightly thicker and heavier than that in ramen soup.  Halfway through your meal, you squeeze the lime into your noodles and continue eating to taste this “new phase” of your meal.  The lime with the cooled-down noodles is super refreshing (bet you’ve never heard that about ramen!)  Next, the waiters add soup to your broth to lighten it into a “soup wari” and you can now drink it as a soup!

Tsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @

Tsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @
You can ask for extras on the side, ie. scallions.  There is also a chashu pork tsukemen for you meat lovers.  My favorite part hands down is the runny egg.  I can never decide whether to savor it all at once or let the yolk run into my noodles and broth.  Such a dilemma…

Tsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @
I’m now a fan of tsukemen because I get to experience so many different tastes as the meal progresses.  The next time you get a hankering for ramen, don’t forget about tsukemen dipped ramen!  It’s ideal meal for a hot LA day like this one.  And in case you were wondering about the pink leopard print fan in our photo, each table at Tsujita has a container with fans in it.  Stay cool and eat tsukemen!

Tsukemen Dipped Ramen at Tsujita LA @

TSUJITA LA / Sawtelle

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